April 2017 Favourites

Hello again,

Welcome to the first of my monthly favourites posts! These are 5 of my April favourites!

1 – Possibility Shower Gel

I really like this shower gel! It is the first one I have owned of the Possibility brand and I had not heard of them before but I’m so glad I received this as a Christmas present! I currently have the Orange Cupcake fragrance which definitely smells like oranges, it has a lovely fragrance to it which isn’t too overpowering. This big bottle has lasted me ages (must be around 3 or 4 months) and I am only just coming to the end of it even though I use it daily. I also recieved the matching hand and nail cream which I have used a couple of times but I see myself using it more when my current hand cream has run out. Another thing I really like about this shower gel is that on the bottle is a recipe for orange cupcakes which matches the fragrance which I think is a very cute detail! I am a bit gutted I am coming to the end of this shower gel but I have bought 2 other fragrances which I can’t wait to try out!

2 – Our New Butterfly Bed Covers

One of the first ways to tell that your truely an adult is when you get excited over household items ๐Ÿ˜‚ Recently Me and Dan bought a new mattress and I decided to buy new bed covers to go with our new mattress. I absolutely love anything with butterflys on and when I saw this bedding on the Asda website (Here) I just had to get it. I love the fact that each butterfly has so much detail on it and the fact that it’s reversible so you can have a different pattern of butterflys depending on what side you have on the top.

3 – Mini Eggs

Now everyone must know what Cadburys Mini Eggs are, if you don’t they are little chocolate eggs which have a hard sugar shell around the outside and they are delicious!! Unfortunately they are only available around Easter time which does make me a bit gutted but at the same time I think I would get fed up of them if they were available all year round – so I need to get my fix in before they come off the shelves!!

4 – Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

This song has been out for a little while now but I still absolutely love it and I also love the Stormzy version too. It’s a song that I haven’t got fed up of listening to a million times and I still find myself singing it when it is stuck in my head. I think this song is going to be around for another few months yet!

5 – One Born Every Minute

Now I’m not sure if everyone will of heard of this to program so I will explain. One Born Every Minute is a Channel 4 show which follows expecting mums when they are in the hospital in labour and it shows the birth of their babies. I suppose it is an odd program to watch but I really enjoy it and know others do too! Myself and Dan’s mum will watch this every Tuesday night and occasionally we even watch old episodes. I find it an interesting program to see how different people deal with the labour but I think my favourite part of the program is when you get to see the first glimpse of the baby, what their name is and how much they weighed.

I hope you enjoyed my first favourites post, feel free to leave a comment below of anything you may want to add/say/comment on or any favourites you may have.

See you soon

Hannah x


DIY bullet journal

Hi again!!,

Recently I have started my own ‘bullet journal’ type book (using a notepad) to try and get myself slightly more organised.

I bought this a5 size notebook from Tesco for around ยฃ4 (I think). I know some people buy a bullet journal to fill out but I’m not very good at sticking to something that I write in everyday so thought I’d try having a make shift one to start with.

I have been reading lots of people’s posts and searching through Pinterest to find ideas of what I can put in my bullet journal, I decided to put a monthly habit tracker in and a weekly to do list.

I started by writing the month in colourful letters, I’m not too good at doing any creative writing so this looks a bit rubbish but as it’s only me who will be using it I’m not too worried!

I tried to use mainly yellow and green as I feel they are the colours most associated with spring.

Next I added my habit tracker (I realised after I had written it that I spelt habit wrong but as it’s in felt pen there wasn’t a lot I could do to change it!)

To start with I have only set myself 2 habits that I would like to get myself into doing daily which are cleansing and moisturising my face daily – I do this every few days (sounds gross ๐Ÿ˜‚) but would like to get into the habit of doing it everyday. I also added drink enough to reach my water goal which I have set on my Fitbit app (which is around 1,900ml per day). I will probably add more to the list as I get further into it but I couldn’t think of anymore at the time. I have also started on the 26th of April as I was too impatient to wait until the beginning of May!

On the next page I have written myself a weekly to do tick list to try and help get me more organised and get things done!

I’m not sure what else I can add to my bullet journal, I have seen some people have a happiness tracker along with their habit tracker but I’m unsure whether I should add one or if this would give me too much to be doing to start with.

Does anyone have any ideas of what more I can add? Also I would love to see pictures/links to any bullet journals or trackers that you have.

Hopefully my diy bullet journal will go to plan and get me more organised, I will keep you all posted on how I get on.

See you soon!

Hannah x

๏ปฟWe went to Chiquito!

Hi again!

Last night Myself and my partner – Dan decided that we would go out for a meal to celebrate Dan’s birthday which is on Wednesday. As the meal was to celebrate Dan’s birthday he chose where to go to eat, he decided on Chiquito. Our nearest Chiquito is in Exeter, we booked ahead as the last time we went to Chiquito it was mega busy and we had to wait a while to be seated.

(Excuse the rubbish iPhone picture, also took as we were driving!)

As we got there booking ahead was definitely a wise move as it was busy but we got seated and ordered our food pretty quick!

I ordered the beef chilli tacos which are amazing! (I recommend them to anyone who is thinking to go to Chiquito or is looking for something new to try there)

Dan ordered The Hero burger which he enjoyed.

We then decided as it was Dan’s birthday we would also have desert. I chose the chocolate orange cake which again was amazing! And Dan chose The golden nugget cheesecake which he enjoyed.

My chocolate orange cake (I couldn’t resist a spoonful of ice cream before I snapped a picture)

All in all we both enjoyed our meal and would recommend anyone to try Chiquito. Dan doesn’t look pleased in this photo as he didn’t want his photo taken ๐Ÿ˜‚

Let me know below if you have tried Chiquito and what you like to eat there – I’m always up for trying new food and willing to try any recommendations.

See you soon

Hannah x

Let’s try again…


Not sure if anyone is reading these posts but if you are then hello! I haven’t written a post on here in a little while (around 11 months) and recently I thought I’d try and start to blog again. I think that after my last post I lost inspiration of what to write about but after recently reading a few other blogs and looking around online I have got a few ideas of what to write about! As I have said in previous blogs, I enjoy photography, both learning and taking photos so I am hoping I will find more inspiration for both my blogs (with what I’m taking photos of) and my photos (what photos I want to attach to a post). Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.

Hopefully see you next time!!

Hannah x

๏ปฟMy current photo obsession!!

A random post today but I feel it needs to be said and I want a reply from anyone who may be reading…and I think everyone on my social media/at home is getting bored ๐Ÿ˜‚

Recently my photo taking obsession is of clouds or the sky…every time I go anywhere outdoors or look out the window I automatically look at the sky and see what it’s doing, what the clouds are doing, what colour the sky is and many other things. Each time I find something interesting I show whoever is with me – mainly my partner Dan. The conversation normally goes ‘look how cool the sky looks’ to which his reply is ‘oh yeah’ or ‘hmmm’.

Also with my new lens I recently bought (Nikon 55mm-200mm) all I want to do is play and clouds are always available to snap a photo of!!

Attached are a couple of photos I took last night – which seemed to have a good reaction on my Instagram.

What I would like to know from anyone who may be reading this (both if you are into your photography like me or if you are not) anything that you like to take photos of/current photo obsessions? Are you like me and into photographing clouds/sky/nature or are you into something totally different? Let me know below ๐Ÿ™‚

See you soon

Hannah x

Taking photos from home

As I was looking out the bedroom window the other evening and trying to pursuade my other half (Dan) to come for a walk with me I was thinking how it would be a perfect time to be taking photos. As Dan wasn’t up for a walk and I didn’t feel like going on my own I started thinking about how awesome the sky looked from the bedroom window…so I grabbed the camera and stood as high as I could leaning out the window (we have sliding Windows so no chance of me falling out).

I tried taking a photo with my usual lens (18mm-55mm) but it didn’t have the affect I wanted, then I remembered the new lens I had ordered had arrived.

Using my new lens (55mm-200mm) on my Nikon I took this photo

I took this photo and 2 others which I was pretty impressed with but this one is probably my favourite of the 3. But it got me thinking…you don’t need to go far to take photos that you can be pleased with…sometimes they can be right on your doorstep…or out your window ๐Ÿ˜‚.

If you want to see the 3 photos I took together, have a look at my post onย myย Photography Page on Facebook.

See you soon

Hannah x

My first post – A bit about me :)

Hi!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here goes…I’m Hannah, I am 22 and for the last year I have been getting more and more into my photography. I love taking photos of anything that catches my eye, I also love cars (both looking at and photographing) – mainly modified cars and car shows are one of my highlights of the summer. I have always been interested in reading blogs and watching vlogs that I thought I’d try to start a blog of my own. I’ll keep my blog updated with photos I take from different places and events!!

Hope to see you soon

Hannah x