Taking photos from home

As I was looking out the bedroom window the other evening and trying to pursuade my other half (Dan) to come for a walk with me I was thinking how it would be a perfect time to be taking photos. As Dan wasn’t up for a walk and I didn’t feel like going on my own I started thinking about how awesome the sky looked from the bedroom window…so I grabbed the camera and stood as high as I could leaning out the window (we have sliding Windows so no chance of me falling out).

I tried taking a photo with my usual lens (18mm-55mm) but it didn’t have the affect I wanted, then I remembered the new lens I had ordered had arrived.

Using my new lens (55mm-200mm) on my Nikon I took this photo

I took this photo and 2 others which I was pretty impressed with but this one is probably my favourite of the 3. But it got me thinking…you don’t need to go far to take photos that you can be pleased with…sometimes they can be right on your doorstep…or out your window 😂.

If you want to see the 3 photos I took together, have a look at my post on my Photography Page on Facebook.

See you soon

Hannah x


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