My current photo obsession!!

A random post today but I feel it needs to be said and I want a reply from anyone who may be reading…and I think everyone on my social media/at home is getting bored 😂

Recently my photo taking obsession is of clouds or the sky…every time I go anywhere outdoors or look out the window I automatically look at the sky and see what it’s doing, what the clouds are doing, what colour the sky is and many other things. Each time I find something interesting I show whoever is with me – mainly my partner Dan. The conversation normally goes ‘look how cool the sky looks’ to which his reply is ‘oh yeah’ or ‘hmmm’.

Also with my new lens I recently bought (Nikon 55mm-200mm) all I want to do is play and clouds are always available to snap a photo of!!

Attached are a couple of photos I took last night – which seemed to have a good reaction on my Instagram.

What I would like to know from anyone who may be reading this (both if you are into your photography like me or if you are not) anything that you like to take photos of/current photo obsessions? Are you like me and into photographing clouds/sky/nature or are you into something totally different? Let me know below 🙂

See you soon

Hannah x


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