We went to Chiquito!

Hi again!

Last night Myself and my partner – Dan decided that we would go out for a meal to celebrate Dan’s birthday which is on Wednesday. As the meal was to celebrate Dan’s birthday he chose where to go to eat, he decided on Chiquito. Our nearest Chiquito is in Exeter, we booked ahead as the last time we went to Chiquito it was mega busy and we had to wait a while to be seated.

(Excuse the rubbish iPhone picture, also took as we were driving!)

As we got there booking ahead was definitely a wise move as it was busy but we got seated and ordered our food pretty quick!

I ordered the beef chilli tacos which are amazing! (I recommend them to anyone who is thinking to go to Chiquito or is looking for something new to try there)

Dan ordered The Hero burger which he enjoyed.

We then decided as it was Dan’s birthday we would also have desert. I chose the chocolate orange cake which again was amazing! And Dan chose The golden nugget cheesecake which he enjoyed.

My chocolate orange cake (I couldn’t resist a spoonful of ice cream before I snapped a picture)

All in all we both enjoyed our meal and would recommend anyone to try Chiquito. Dan doesn’t look pleased in this photo as he didn’t want his photo taken 😂

Let me know below if you have tried Chiquito and what you like to eat there – I’m always up for trying new food and willing to try any recommendations.

See you soon

Hannah x


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